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This intensive and meticulously structured course is tailored to cultivate a profound technical understanding crucial for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Covering Windows systems, Linux distributions, and cloud environments, the curriculum delves deeply into cybersecurity fundamentals over a fast-paced, rigorous 9-week period. Students are expected to dedicate 1-3 hours daily to self-study, embracing a progressive mindset that values continuous learning. Through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, participants develop practical skills in vulnerability analysis, defense deployment, and threat mitigation. Aligned with industry standards, the course prepares students for certifications such as CompTIA Security Plus and Azure Fundamentals. Upon completion, graduates emerge as adept cybersecurity professionals equipped to navigate and protect against the evolving threats of today’s digital landscape.

Cyber Security BootCamp

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January 6th, 2024 – TBD (MAX 10 Weeks)
Saturday: 9am – 1pm,
Location(s): Zoom

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Feel free to contact me at any time, I’m always ready to help as long as you’re willing to help yourself. Preferred method of contact should be email, text, then call.


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Training Course Syllabus

Overview of Cybersecurity Principles
Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure Fundamentals
Lab Project: Setting Up a Secure Virtual Environment on Azure – Configure Azure Virtual Networks, implement network security groups, and deploy virtual machines with hardened security configurations.

Understanding Windows and Linux Security Measures
Integrating Azure Services with On-Premise Systems
Lab Project: Securely Migrating On-Premise Workloads to Azure – Plan and execute the migration of applications or services from on-premise environments to Azure while ensuring security and compliance.

Basics of Network Security
Azure Networking Concepts (Virtual Network, Subnets, Load Balancers)
Lab Project: Configuring Azure Firewall and Network Security Groups – Set up Azure Firewall to control traffic between virtual networks and implement network security groups to restrict access to resources.

IAM Concepts and Best Practices
Implementing Azure Active Directory (AAD) for Identity Management
Lab Project: Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure Active Directory – Configure Azure AD Connect to synchronize on-premise AD with Azure AD, and enable SSO for cloud-based applications.

Cryptographic Fundamentals
Managing Secrets and Keys with Azure Key Vault
Lab Project: Encrypting Data and Managing Keys with Azure Key Vault – Use Azure Key Vault to encrypt sensitive data, manage encryption keys, and implement secure storage solutions.

Common Cyber Threats and Vulnerability Management
Security Monitoring and Incident Response with Azure Security Center
Lab Project: Setting Up Azure Security Center and Threat Detection – Configure Azure Security Center to monitor security posture, detect threats, and respond to security incidents effectively.

Review of Security+ SY0-701 and Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Objectives
Practice Questions and Mock Exams
Lab Project: Simulation of Security+ and Azure Fundamentals Exam Scenarios – Work through practice labs and scenarios that mirror the content and format of the Security+ and Azure Fundamentals exams to prepare for certification success.

Class Participation

Class participation is vital to a student’s success. I am a very friendly and humorous person, so please don’t be shy to ask or answer questions. However, please be aware that during each class, there will be a segment called the ‘Hot Seat’ where I may randomly select a student to answer questions that were reviewed in the previous class. By registering for this course, you waive the right to claim that the professor attempted to embarrass any student. Remember, active participation in class is crucial for a student’s success.


Registering for this class does not give you the CompTIA certification. This is a preparatory course for the exam. Additionally, registering for this class does not guarantee you a job, and I cannot promise you a job either. Instead, this course is designed to help you increase your chances of finding a job in cybersecurity, IT, and other related fields.


Feel free to contact me at any time, I’m always ready to help as long as you’re willing to help yourself. Preferred method of contact should be email, text, then call.


For Installment Plan Please Send email to [email protected]

Subject: “Request for Installment Plan”

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All tests will be sent as a word document, there will be vocabulary quizzes, acronym quizzes, port number quizzes

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